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Assigning wholesalers to sales reps

Tagging wholesalers to sales reps will show rep the pricelist linked with the wholesaler while creating an order.

Pricelist for wholesalers icon

Pricelist for wholesalers

When wholesalers buy directly from your website, they will also experience the same product prices linked with their pricelist

One page setup icon

One page setup

Once you sync Sales Team with the Wholesale Quickie, from a single page you can manage pricelist for reps as well as wholesalers


Most frequent questions and answers

How does the B2B wholesale price experience benefit my business in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction?

The B2B wholesale price experience offered by our app enhances efficiency by simplifying pricing management and order processing. This, in turn, leads to a single-page setup for creating pricelists for wholesalers purchasing from your website and for sales reps who order on behalf of wholesalers via their dashboard.

How does the app ensure pricing consistency across different sales channels?

The app ensures pricing consistency by linking wholesalers to their respective price lists and maintaining synchronized pricing across different sales channels, including direct website purchases and orders placed by sales reps.

Is there a seamless integration process between the Sales Team and Wholesale Quickie app?

Yes, the integration process between the Sales Team and Wholesale Quickie app is seamless, allowing for managing pricelist for reps and wholesalers from a single table. Our team is available to assist with setup and implementation to ensure a smooth experience.

What kind of support is available for managing price lists and resolving any issues that may arise?

Our support team is dedicated to assisting with managing price lists and addressing any issues or questions that may arise during the wholesale price experience. We offer timely assistance to ensure a hassle-free experience for our users.