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Custom Commission Setup icon

Custom Commission Setup

Customize commissions setup to match how you do business. Set them based on quantity sold, selected customer, collection or many more

Email Integration with Klaviyo icon

Email Integration with Klaviyo

Connect Klaviyo to send customized emails to your sales reps, fitting your brand & communication style.

Discounts per line items and Subtotal icon

Discounts per line items and Subtotal

Let your sales team give discounts per line items or on the subtotal. Set discount conditions based on quantity, customer type or collection type.

Sales Rep Portal Tweaks icon

Sales Rep Portal Tweaks

Make changes to your sales rep portal to make it work better for your team's needs.

Theme and Color Changes icon

Theme and Color Changes

Customize the look and feel of your rep portal to match your brand's style and colors perfectly.

B2B companies setup – ST icon

B2B companies setup – ST

If you’re a Shopify Plus user, then set up your companies into Sales team app so reps can start placing B2B order.


Most frequent questions and answers

What are the benefits of using CSS Sales Team App?

CSS Sales Team app allows you to Manage your sales team and give them tools to increase sales. You can track orders created by sales reps and calculate commissions on those orders automatically

What is Sales Team Customization and how can it benefit my business?

Sales team customization allow you to personalize aspects such as the appearance of the login page, create commission structures tailored to your business needs, implement discount tiers that align with your business requirements, customize the sales rep portal, and modify email templates to match your branding.

What is the process of customizing CSS Sales Team app ?

a) Get in touch with us by writing your requirement on

b) Receive an estimate for the modifications

c) If estimate looks good, then approve

d) Review the modifications upon receiving the work completion email within the specified timeline.

e) Complete the payment

How can I customize commissions?

To send your requirement of commission structure, please write us at

What are the things the development team requires to perform the customization?

The development team needs a comprehensive document outlining the requirements and, if necessary, collaborator access to the store to carry out the customization.

Is there ongoing support available after implementing CSS Sales Team Customization?

Yes, we provide ongoing support to address any questions or issues you may encounter post-implementation, ensuring you get the most out of the customization features.

Is there any recurring charge for customization over apps subscription charges?

No, we don't charge any recurring charge for customization, instead we charge one time service fees based on your requirement.