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Use the credentials below to check out the rep's dashboard. Click on the Rep Portal button to log in.

UserId: Password: 12345

Rep Portal


Given below are the tutorials to understand how the admin can set up the app
and provide tools to reps on their dashboard

App Setup

Set up the app by installing the rep portal on your store, from where reps can log in to their dashboard. Set the commission structure for reps based on orders, products, profit margin, and more. Add reps and managers to your team and set up a hierarchy between them.

Explore Features

Delve into the app's features designed to empower sales reps with a diverse range of tools, enabling them to effectively drive sales through their dedicated dashboards.


Navigate to the reports section for a comprehensive overview of sales representatives' performance. Check their performance over the past six months to gain insights into order counts, revenue generated, and the commissions they've accrued. Easily export these valuable insights to CSV format, facilitating seamless data manipulation and analysis.

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Wholesale Quickie

Open the doors to the wholesale world with the Wholesale Quickie app. Allow easy sign-up for wholesalers and provide them with discounted prices on your products. Approve or deny sign-up requests based on credibility and set customized pricing for different categories of wholesalers. Offer bulk purchase discounts and provide the option for recurring product subscriptions. With ease, you can expand and streamline your wholesale business.

CSS AB Testing

Make data-driven decisions to finalize store assets with CSS AB Testing. With our AB tests, you can confidently optimize your website's elements to maximize user engagement and drive conversions. Create variants of Product Prices, Product Titles, Banners, Announcement Bars, and easily compare to identify the variant that generates the highest click-through rate. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and manage your AB tests so you can focus on improving your marketing strategy.